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Buttermilk Milk Chocolate Fudge Easter Egg

Buttermilk Caramelised Easter Egg 235g
Open up our Easter Egg made from 70% single origin Colombian dark chocolate with caramelised cacao nibs, to find if filled with indulgent, dark chocolate cacao nib clusters. The ultimate Easter treat for dark chocolate lovers.
Buttermilk Milk Chocolate Honeycomb Easter Egg 235g
Open up our Colombian chocolate egg with honeycomb bits, drizzled with white chocolate to find it filled with light and crunchy Honeycomb. Dipped in milk chocolate, our honeycomb is the perfect sweet treat!
Buttermilk Salted Caramel with Fudge Easter Egg 235g
Open up our single origin Colombian chocolate and sea salt egg, decorated with butterscotch chips, to find it filled with buttery Caramel Sea Salt fudge which crumbles and melts in the mouth, for delicious little bursts of salt and intense caramel sweetness
Buttermilk Strawberry Bellini Fudge Easter Egg 235g
Open up our white chocolate egg infused with strawberry pieces to find it filled with our sumptuous Strawberry Bellini fudge. Topped with white chocolate, we've added strawberries and a little popping surprise to our buttery, crumbly fudge to bring you a fruity, fizzy treat
Buttermilk Free From Chocolate Orange Easter Egg 185g
Easter Egg Made from an Alternative Milk Chocolate Flavoured with Orange Oil and Decorated with an Orange and White Chocolate Alternative.
Made with a delicious alternative to milk chocolate Dairy and gluten free