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Cake Monster Board Game

Cake Monster Board Game

This Cake Monster Board Game is ideal for a gift, offers lots of fun and nice game for your child's Board Game collection.

Collect and count as you fill your cake stand but watch out...there's a cake monster about! Will you feed the monster or collect the cakes for yourself? There are two ways to play this exciting counting game as children learn their numbers up to ten, both for younger and more advanced players.

In the first game, players must fill their cake stand with different cakes between 1 and 10 by counting the toppings. However, there is an added twist to the game...if their card shows a blue monster on the back they must feed it to the hungry cake monster! In the more advanced game, players aim to get rid of their cakes the fastest by matching the number of toppings to the number on the spinner. The game includes a cake reference board for extra help if needed.

The inclusion of the tasty cake toppings and crazy cake monster help make counting fun for children! The fast paced nature of the game helps to keep children excited and engaged throughout.