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Candy Kittens Sweets Advent Calendar Cracker Christmas Gift

Candy Kittens Healthy Advent Calendar

Hear us out—these sweets are vegan and gluten-free, so although, sure, strictly speaking, they're not 'healthy', they do fit more nutritional requirements. Plus, everything in moderation.

Life’s too short for boring advent calendars! Welcome to the most gourmet, vegan advent calendar you’ll ever eat.

Chocolate is so last year anyway.

We thought about how great it would be to have Candy Kittens every day for 25 days, but then we remembered all of the other things you have to do in December: nights out, nights in, Christmas shopping, Tuesdays… so we’ve added a few little extras for you to enjoy.

Your early morning treats will taste better than ever with this fully vegan and incredibly indulgent calendar. Every day you’ll find a sweet surprise behind each door. We know, we’re too good to you!

Candy Kittens Cracker Gift 192g

A cracking gift for everyone! This sweet treat makes excellent stocking fillers and great Secret Santa gifts….chocolate is so last year anyway. You'll be tucking into:
Blueberry Bliss
Sour Watermelon
Peach Fizz
Wild Strawberry
Less sprouts more sweets, Christmas done the sweet way, Natural colours, Fruit juice, Gluten free, Vegan recipe