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Chocolate Fix Game

Chocolate Fix Game

Chocolate Fix is a sweet candy themed logical deduction game - a delectable dessert for your brain! In Chocolate Fix, you're the Barker's Apprentice and you're filling custom candy orders - orders have arrived as puzzle clues and you've got to sort them out. Using the clues, fill the tray with all nine chocolate pieces in their correct positions. Similar to Sudoku, you must examine all clues on the challenge card before making a move. You will feel your confidence build as you narrow down the possibilities to complete each challenge.  When you think you've completed the chocolate arrangement, flip the page to see the solution and check if you are correct. Chocolate Fix now includes shape and colour place holders that give players that extra help they may need to solve the challenge. With 40 challenges ranging from beginner to expert, Chocolate Fix will feed your chocolate cravings for hours! This game makes an ideal travel games as it come complete with a storage bag so you can play Chocolate Fix anytime, anywhere. The game can be enjoyed by a single player and suitable for 8 and up.