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Find It - Dinosaur

Find It - Dinosaur 

Spin it, twist it, shake it, find it! how many of the hidden treasures can dinosaur fans find in this tube of delights? The find it game is a ‘contained adventure’, a family-friendly treasure hunt in a tall clear indestructible tube. This find it dinosaur edition is perfect to keep youngsters entertained whilst engaging their minds and encouraging concentration. Find it is the perfect game to play individually or with friends and there will be plenty of shaking and twisting of the tube as they search to find all the little treasures hidden amongst the multi coloured pellets. The tube contains fun little dinosaur themed items such as a Stegosaurus, a Triceratops, a volcano, a caveman, a tooth, a fossil, a diplodocus and a T-Rex! there are many different ways to play that will keep Dino fans entertained for hours! see how many object you can find in a set time, or how long it takes to find all 40 items. Each item hidden in the dinosaur find it tube is worth between 1 and 8 points but find the Penny and you can triumph with 20 points! play with a friend, five rounds of 30 seconds of hunting and see who can accumulate the most points! find it dinosaur edition also comes with 27 double sided playing cards to provide even more game play options which are perfect for two of more players. The fun is endless with find it dinosaur edition, a quick, fun, challenge-based game for one or more players which is perfect for ages 6-106!