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Franklin Collins SPQ109 Pocket Spellchecker

Franklin Collins SPQ109 Pocket Spellchecker

This Franklin Collins SPQ109  Pocket Spellcheckeris ideal for your purpose.

Franklin SPQ109 Collins Pocket Speller Product Description Features Phonetic spell-correction type nolij and find knowledge Confusables© - Words such as homonyms and spelling variants that are often confused. Eg here: locally or hear: listen to Word Builder: Features the return of the popular solver - enter up to 12 letters and it will return as many possible solutions ranging from 12 letters to 3 (up to a maximum of 50 solutions), great for word games. Crossword Solver: enter ? to find missing letters to help with crosswords Anagram Solver: Turn a series of letters into a word My List: Save up to 40 words for personal study or review.

6 Games Calculator Metric and currency converter Games: Anagrams Hangman Word Train Word Blaster Word Deduction Spelling Bee Solvers: Crossword Solver Anagram Solver Word Builder Content: Collins Concise Dictionary Display: 2-line Size (cm): 10.2 x 7.3 x 1.3 cm