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Giant Alphabet Jigsaw Puzzle

Giant Alphabet Jigsaw Puzzle

This Giant Alphabet Jigsaw Puzzle is ideal for a gift. 

Learn the alphabet and develop early reading skills in a fun way with this huge, 26-piece floor puzzle. There is a large, colourful piece for each letter of the alphabet, showing a corresponding word and a brightly coloured illustration. The whole puzzle, when finished, measures 88 x 60.5cm, making it one of our largest jigsaws. The colours are very bright and cheerful, with appealing illustrations of familiar and unfamiliar objects, from socks to rockets! Although the appropriate age range for this puzzle is from 3 to 6, even younger children will enjoy familiarising themselves with the letters and pointing out the different objects. Older children who are more confident with the alphabet and are learning to read and write can copy the printed words, and later see if they can write them without looking at the puzzle. You can also encourage your child to talk about what they see in the pictures: What would live in a nest? Why might somebody need an x-ray? Who lives in an igloo, and what is it made of? The puzzle will only fit together in the right order, encouraging children to learn the sequence of the alphabet. You can also use the pieces individually to spell out words and identify letters. This award-winning jigsaw provide lots of added play value beyond simply piecing it together. Puzzle size 88 x 60.5cm.