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Greatest Grandad Mug

Greatest Grandad Mug

What better way to treat Granddad on his birthday or on Father's Day than with this 'My Granddad is the Greatest' tea/ coffee mug? This heartfelt 15 fl. oz Granddad gift mug celebrates Granddad with a rhyme that really sums him up: My Granddad is the Greatest... …He's big and brave and tough, He's kind and caring, wise and funny, And fixes all my stuff! If there's one thing Granddad likes on his birthday or on Father's day, it's a well earned drink of tea or coffee - so why not let him drink it from a mug that really pays homage to the superstar he is! It's the perfect gift for Granddad's Birthday, Father's Day and it even makes a brilliant Christmas stocking filler. Granddad will be chuffed to bits with this brilliant tea and coffee mug gift. But be warned, you may have to widen your door frames for Granddad to fit his head through once he's read the brilliant message!