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Marks & Spencer Easter Egg Chocolate Selection

A delicious selection of our favourite Spring treats set a beautiful gift.

Jumbo Button 175g - Swirled milk Chocolate Disc, topped with milk chocolate mini eggs with a speckled candy shell                 
Chocolate Fried Eggs 57g - Decorated Solid White Chocolate     
Bubbly Bunnies 62g - 6x milk chocolate bunnies in a box 
Chirpy Chick 40g - Decorated Milk Chocolate Hollow   
6x Hazelnut Eggs 120g - 6 Hazelnut Praline Mini Eggs Box 
Loopy Lamb 43g - Decorated White Chocolate Hollow
Plush Chick & Chocolate Egg - Plush Toy With A Hollow Milk Chocolate Egg
Fried Egg Whips 180g - Filled With Mallow & A Layer of Gooey Caramel
Easter Bunny Tin - Chocolate Figures Inside
5x Chocolate Animals - Farmyard Friends 65g - Milk Chocolate Figures 
Chocolate Bunny - Blue & Pink 100g - Hollow Swiss Milk Chocolate
Chick & Bunny Giant Eggs 75gx2 - Foiled Hollow Milk Chocolate Egg x 2
Chocolate Egg Bag 130g - Solid Milk Chocolate Eggs
Caramel Chocolate Egg Bag 120g - Caramel Filled Milk Chocolate Half Eggs
3x Bubbly Bunnies 23g - Milk Chocolate Bubbly Bunnies - Pack of 3 
2x Chick & Bunny Tins 14g - Mini Eggs Inside - Each Tin Contain 3 Foiled Solid Milk Chocolate Mini Eggs (Random Selection)
Golden Egg Selection Box 160g - A Beautiful Assortment of delicious Belgian Chocolate eggs with a selection of indulgent fillings
Hop-Hop Chocolate Letters 70g - Hand Decorated Milk Chocolate Letters 
2x Chicky Choccy Speckled Eggs 90g - Milk Chocolate Eggs With A Speckled Candy Shell
Chicky Choccy Speckled Eggs 210g - Milk Chocolate Eggs With A Speckled Candy Shell
Hide & Seek Egg Hunt Bag 135g - 8 Hollow Milk Chocolate Eggs
Italian Egg Collection 400g - A selection of individually wrapped chocolate eggs with classic italian fillings
Easter Hunt Bucket - Bunny - With 9 Hollow Foiled Milk Chocolate Eggs
Easter Hunt Bucket - Chick - With 9 Hollow Foiled Milk Chocolate Eggs
Jumbled Easter Eggs Chocolate Corn 205g
3x Safari Lollipops (Randoms animal selected)
Swiss Mini Eggs 150g

M&S Percy Pig Milk Chocolate Easter Egg and Sweets 200g 
Percy Pig Easter Gift Set with Percy Pig Milk Chocolate Easter Egg and Sweets, Meets the Easter Bunny Sweets Bag, Baby Bunny Chocolate Figure, Premier Life Pen and Random Coloured Gift Box.

In the event of supply difficulties, or with discontinued products, we reserve the right to offer alternative goods or packaging of equal quality and value.