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Mind Trap Trivia Game

Mind Trap Trivia Game

A high quality game that will challenge the way you think! Mind Trap contains 200 classic puzzles, murder, mysteries, conundrums and trick questions which will assess the way your mind works! What five letter word does every Oxford graduate pronounce wrong? If a wheel has 64 spokes, how many spaces are there between the spokes? Some look so easy they'll make you jump at the answer but what you think is a clue is really a trap. Your team ask questions that can only be answered Yes or No. Phrase the question correctly and you narrow in on the answer. Then it all seems obvious. In Mind Trap it's not what you know it's how you think. Mind Trap is ideal for travellers as its small enough to take anywhere. It also would make a prefect after dinner game. The game is presented in a tin with a bevelled edge and a plastic insert and is shrink wrapped for further protection. The game is for 2 players or teams and suitable for ages 12 to Adult.