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Never Mind The Buzzcocks Game

Never Mind The Buzzcocks Game

Enjoy the cult music show, Never Mind the Buzzcocks, in its fantastic board game format! Based on the comedy panel game show, the game allows you to show off your musical knowledge as well as your fabulous singing voice! Played in two teams, all you have to do is chase and overtake your fellow team's Guitar-shaped piece on the game board to win but in order to move along there are games and challenged to be played!

There are six different types of challenge cards all mixed up in the pile so to gain spaces on your opposing team you might have to 'Sing a 'cover version' may be a nursery rhyme in the style of a famous artist or sing the 'Intro' to a song without using words for the rest of your team mates to guess. 'Round 1' and 'True or False' provide the quick 30 second music trivia rounds and 'Songs in one sentence' give the teams the challenge of having to describe songs by their story in just 30 seconds. 'You've Got My Number' will have the teams wracking their brains to name 10 songs with a key word in the title ...all of this to gain a few vital spaces on the other team.

This music based trivia board game is great for all the family and perfect to play with friends. The game is best play with two teams of two or more players and is ideal for those over the age of 8 years.