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OMG! The Trivia Game

OMG! The Trivia Game

If you're a general knowledge pro or have friends or family members who (think they!) know it all, then it's time to put everyone's IQ to the test with OMG! Trivia Game. As the must-have gift for clever clogs, the ultimate addition to your games cupboard and fantastic family entertainment for ages eight upwards, the fun, fast-paced and quick-thinking OMG! Trivia Game features over 2500 trivia facts... but only half of them are true! Bet your IQ to identify fact or fiction but if you get it wrong, you lose all your IQ and you have just one chance to win it back... then it's game over. Players are challenged with a fact read out by the Question Master such as 'The earth is gradually slowing down', 'Male clownfish can turn into females' and 'Crows fly in straight lines'. They then need to use their IQ answer tokens and decide if the fact is real or fake. If you think it's fake slam down your IQ answer token with the red cross side facing up but if you're convinced it's fact, slam down the IQ answer token showing the green tick. The aim of the game is to hold onto your IQ answer tokens as the players with the highest IQ wins the game however help is at hand if your IQ starts to drop. You can then use your Brain Donor card or Brain Transplant card to collect some more IQ from the Question Master. If things get bad you're pronounced Brain Dead, which means you have zero IQ, but all is not lost as you get one more chance to claw your way back into the game and do your brain proud.