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QI Board Game

QI Board Game

If you know a general knowledge genius or a fan of the hugely popular QI BBC comedy panel quiz show hosted by Stephen Fry, then why not give them a supersized gift with a the QI XL Edition of the board game. Fabulous for families, great for grown-ups and an ideal after-dinner game QI, or 'Quite Interesting', XL features over 1000 new questions and will score top marks with anyone who loves the cult TV series. Jam-packed with quirky facts, QI XL is more than just quite interesting - it's a winning gift and one that will entertain, inform and get the brain in gear! It's cool for Christmas, brilliant for birthdays and great as a 'just because' gift for anyone aged 12 upwards. Up to six players can take part in this hilariously fun board game which features a host of challenging questions... get the question right and you get to keep the card, get it wrong and you could face the dreaded klaxon, lose a card and go backwards on the board. QI XL features hundreds of obscure and interesting facts and questions all created to ensure lots of fun and just a little frustration! The TV series QI first appeared on our screens in 2003 as a comedy panel quiz about finding undiscovered connections and seeing hidden patterns.