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Rotten Apples

Rotten Apples

The hilarious, tasteless and slightly risky after dinner game, Rotten Apples will have your guests in giggles! The premise of the game is to complete the question or the phrase but your friends may just shock you with some of the endings they choose! The game has a set of green cards, the answer cards, and a set of brown cards, fill-in-the-blank cards.  Each player has 10 green cards which contain words or phrases such as ‘Twerking’, ‘Waxing’. ‘Dirty Talking’ and ‘Men in Uniforms’.  The Apple Picker, the person who’s turn it is, takes one of the brown cards and reads the question or phrase aloud, phrases include ‘All you need is...?’ and ‘?... is not a valid form of birth control’. Fellow players then have to select from their 10 green cards which they think is the best answer.  These answers, along with one additional random green card, are past to the Apple Picker who shuffles the answers and reads the phrase aloud inserting in the chosen words for all to hear, creating laughter and blushes along the way! The Apple Picker then chooses the answer they like best, if it’s the random green card then the Apple Picker wins the round, if it is an answer from one of the other players they are the winner of the round and become the next Apple Picker.  Rotten Apples victory comes when you have won three rounds! The game is suitable for age 17 and upwards, can be played with two to ten players and takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. Rotten Apples is a fantastic adult party game that provides great fun and entertainment for all who play!