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Stained Glass Optical Designs Colouring Book

Stained Glass Optical Designs Colouring Book

This Stained Glass Optical Designs Colouring Book is ideal for a gift and great educational Workbook for your Kids.

This workbook is Great classroom resource and perforated pages for ease of photocopying. This book is not just colouring, every page is packed full of interesting facts which help bring your colouring to life and make it far more fun and useful. Ideal rainy day activity for home or school use.

Any window that catches sunlight can be transformed into these beautiful images from the animal kingdom. We have all seen the beauty of real stained glass windows whilst on holiday or in books or on the internet. Stained glass windows have been described as illuminated wall decorations, designed to be viewed from the inside of a building, often with messages, both visual and written, in the design. This fantastic book allows you to use sunlight to brighten and illuminate your personal spaces, at home, school or work.