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The Game of Ladybirds Game

Farm Snap Game

This The Game of Ladybirds Game is ideal for a gift, offers lots of fun and nice game for your child's Educational Game collection.

A simple maths game that encourages counting skills. The 24 cards are placed on the table, spot side up. Throw the dice and pick up a card with a matching number of spots on it. Turn it over to see how many ladybirds are hiding on the could be three, or zero! The winner is the player with the most ladybirds at the end of the game. As well as helping with counting and addition skills, Game of Ladybirds also teaches observational and turn taking skills. It doesn't take too long to play, so will hold a child's attention throughout the game. The cards can also be used to play other games, such as 'Snap' or 'Pairs', or used for counting practice. The bright colours make this a visually appealing game for children aged between 3 and 7.