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Tummy Ache Game

Tummy Ache Board Game

This Tummy Ache Board Game is ideal for a gift and offers lots of fun and nice game for your child's Board Game collection. 

This food lotto game is hilarious fun for all ages. Players aim to fill their game board with a tasty, edible meal; but avoid the yucky combinations or you'll end up with a tummy ache! All players start with a meal board. Players then take it in turns to pick up a card from the pile and place it on their board in the appropriate space.

If you pick up a 'tummy ache' card, everyone shouts "tummy ache!" and the yucky bugs must be added to your meal board. The winner is the first person to fill their game board with a balanced, edible meal! This classic Orchard Toys game for ages 3 and over helps children learn about balanced meals while having fun avoiding the bug-covered apple or the worm-infested broccoli.