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Yo Ho Ho Game

Yo Ho Ho Game

This Yo Ho Ho Game is ideal for a gift, offers lots of fun and nice game for your child's Card Game collection.

A very simple game to play, this is a version of the popular game of 'Pairs', but with a pirate theme, and with a sneaky twist. There are 40 cards altogether, and these must be placed face down in the centre of the table.Players take it in turn to turn over 2 cards at a time, making sure all the other players can see them. If the cards make a matching pair, that player keeps the pair and has another go. If the two cards turned over don't match, they must be returned face down to their original positions on the table, and play passes to the next player. However, if a player turns over a pirate flag card, the player shouts "Yo ho ho!" and takes a pair of cards from another player. Play continues until all the cards have been taken from the table, and the winner is the player with most cards at the end of the game. Children will love the funny, cartoon-style illustrations and bright colours. The cards are made from sturdy, recycled board. The cards could also be used to play 'Snap', and younger players can be encouraged to talk about what they see in the pictures: how many gold coins have fallen out of the treasure chest? What colour are the rat's trousers? How many buttons on the Captain's jacket? The game is suitable for children aged from 4 to 8, and for 2 to 4 players.